Rational allocation of linear construction waste crusher

The linear construction waste crusher application is relatively universal and the advantages are also obvious. It is able to improve fine ore grade, which is usually 1.0%-2.5%, or the best even 4%-5%. It obtains a better effect in wear resistant. When operation, linear construction waste crusher will screen out finished product at first, and then it grinds the left products with disqualification particle size. This process allocation is rational and less investment. Besides, it obtains better effect and earlier benefits.
Is fine iron ore better with higher fine ore grade? As for the question, many people hold opposite opinions. Everything has its limit, it will be bound to increasing equipment reformation investment if we want to improve iron ore grade endlessly. Consequently, cost will increase and recycling rate will reduce. Screening operation will influence water content of fine iron ore, which is rather obvious when it combines with construction waste crusher operation and brings profound negative factors. Moreover, if fine ore grade improves too large, the required good materials content used in BF iron making will loss and reduce greatly, it will lead to instability of fine ore property, large wear of equipments and large production cost. Therefore, we should not pursuit blindly the higher fine iron ore grade. It is mainly decided by ore property and users’ requirements.
The particle size entering into linear construction waste crusher is key factor affecting screening effect. The more products which is up to the standard particle size in materials, the higher screening rate. And the amount of standard products depends on first stage ore grinding effect. Sometimes, overflow products enters into linear construction waste crusher, there many reasons for that. The main reason is that the amount of ore in fist stage grinding changes, or it may be workers’ mishandle. When overflow products enters into linear construction waste crusher, operation efficiency and fine ore grade will reduced greatly. Therefore, the operators should pay more attention to it and avoid such accidents happening.


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