Factors Affect the Working Process of Portable Crusher Plant

The shaking table is well applied in the mining industry as well as other fields. However, what factors do you think will have effect on the operation of the shaking table? Here we will introduce some principal factors that should be considered during the portable crusher plant working process.
First: stroke and stroke frequency. Both of them decide the moving speed and accelerated speed of the portable crusher plant surface; they have much influence on the loosing of the tables layers and selective transportation. The best stroke and stroke frequency will make the shaking table separate very well and will strengthen the delivering capability. For those situations when the materials are too rough and with large carrying load, the shaking table will adopt the big stroke and low stroke frequency; vice versa.
Second: the water volume and slope gradient. They will influence the crosswise water flow speed and the thickness of the water layer of the shaking table surface as well as the conveying speed of the mineral particles and the cleaning effect. When we increase the slope gradient, we will reduce the water volume at the same time; vice versa. In the real operation, water volume and the slope gradient should be integrated very well.
Third: the mineral volume and the density. They have influence on the layering and delivering speed. Too much mineral feeding amount will make the table layer be blocked up. The mineral volume should cooperate with the mineral density and the shaking table will provide the best feeding density within the qualified loading limit.
Fourth: feeding particles and shapes. These two factors affect the precision of the separation process according to the mineral density. Therefore, the classification and desliming steps before the beneficiation process is needed.


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