SBM Construction Waste Crusher Realizes Green and Pollution-free Production

At present, green and pollution-free construction waste crusher is more and more favored by customers in the market. With the development of breeding industry, more and more people begin to raise chickens, ducks and cows because they see the wide development prospect of this industry and traditional breeding industry mainly relies on meat, egg and milk for profit. With the advancement of science and technology, people gradually see the market value of organic fertilizer such chicken manure, duck manure, cow dung and pig manure and really realize the goal of turning waste into treasure. Here SBM Machinery will talk about how construction waste crusher machine realizes this technology.
As a matter of fact, construction waste crusher machine is one type of rotary dryer and its working principle goes like this: chicken manure is sent by spiral conveyor to the rotating cylinder of drying machine, and after being lifted by the lifting board inside the cylinder, it will form a hot contact surface to sufficiently meet the hot air blown from by the heat source at the same time, thus reaching the goal of drying. This drying machine is specially designed for drying chicken manure and it has such functions as acid-resisting, soda-resisting and corrosion resisting. construction waste crusher machine is suitable for large, medium and small chicken house and the areas with developed breeding industry. According to the requirement of products to be dried, different heat sources can be used.
The construction waste crusher produced by our company has many advantages such as excellent and simple structure, wide application and even drying degree, convenient operation, low failure rate, low maintenance cost and low power consumption. In addition, it has the functions of both sterilization and deodorization besides drying. Welcome to our company for visit and purchase.


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