How Important Are Steel Balls of a ore milling equipment?

The steel grinding ball of the ore milling equipment as the core basic component plays a huge role in the national economic development and has been widely applied in the ore milling equipment plant and power plant.
The grinding and stripping action happens when the grinding steel balls crash each other or the steel grinding ball and materials impact each other, thus realizing the grinding effect. The newly installed ore grinding equipment will experience a running-in period when the steel balls are added for the first time, they will occupy 80% of the maximum loading capacity. Different types of ore milling equipments have different ball loading capacities.
The grinding media or the wear-resistant grinding ball for the ore milling equipment is a kind of wear-resistant high alumina ball, ceramic ball, alumina grinding ball, abrasion resistance steel ball and steel grinding ball etc. The abrasion resistance steel balls can be divided to high-low chromium multi-element alloy steel ball and high-low chromium multi-element alloy casting steel.
When the ore milling equipment runs, the abrasion makes the steel ball weight and diameter decrease gradually, so new balls are needed to be added regularly to keep certain loading capacity. Usually we add the large diameter balls, and the adding quantity is confirmed by the wear rate of the ball for per ton coal and the coal grinding amount.
Once it works for about 3, 000 hours, the ore milling equipment should be shut down and cleaned in order to remove the balls with diameter smaller than 15mm and those broken balls.
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