How to Avoid Material Collapsing Problem of Ore Milling Equipments

The material collapsing problem is commonly seen in the working process of the ore milling equipment and it will have much influence on the efficiency, the product quality and service life of the ore milling equipment. How to solve this problem has been the main concern for users.
When we talk about the collapsing phenomenon, we mean that there are a lot of raw materials falling from the vertical tank and then they enter the kiln. Then they flow into the firing zone from the kiln tail and if not handled well, they will cause damage to the normal production and be sprayed out to burn users.
The main reason causing the above problem is that there are too many materials accumulating in the vertical tank or the whirlwind tank of the ore milling equipment. The reasons causing the materials to accumulate are:
1. The whirlwind tank is beaten not in time which results in the failure of unloading ash. Once beaten, a large amount of ash will be unloaded and the collapsing phenomenon happens to the materials.
2. There is no inclination on the surface of the retraction ring which causes the materials to flow in time. When materials pile up to certain height or there occurs larger vibration, materials flow into the ore milling equipment.
It’s urgent to handle the material collapsing problem happening to the ore milling equipment effectively. The surface of the retraction ring is made of refractory bricks into a 45 degree slope and is sleeked by the fire clay, thus making the ash flow in time and reducing the deposition. Users should pay attention to the importance of the collapsing materials.


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