Working principle and maintenance method of egg breaker

The working principle and maintenance method of the egg beater is used to make pastry almost every day, and a mixer is used. So, do you know the working principle and maintenance method of the egg beater and mixer cake making machine? The following “three gold” egg beater is here for everyone Make a brief introduction:

1. The working principle of the egg beater 
1. When the egg beater is in operation, the agitator rotates at a high speed and forced whipping. The materials to be blended are in full contact with each other and violently rubbed to achieve the effects of mixing, emulsification, aeration and removal of some water.
2. Because the viscosity of the blended material is lower than that of the dough mixer garlic peeling machine, the speed of the egg beater is higher than that of the dough mixer, generally in the range of 1000-3500 rpm, which is called a high-speed blender.
3. The egg breaker is mostly vertical, consisting of a mixer, a container, a rotating device, a container lifting mechanism and a base.

Second, the maintenance method of the egg beater
1. Cakes are not like breads that are expanded by yeast fermentation. Cakes, pastries, etc., use the expansion force of eggs and oil to soften the products, so they must be beaten with the egg beater of the egg beater.
2. You must stop the machine to change gears. When you can’t change gears ice cream cone machine, you can toggle the egg ball to avoid damage caused by gear impact.
3. If the thickness of the egg beating is too thick, it must be used in a reduced amount to avoid damage to the egg ball.
4. Do not lift the tank when beating eggs to ensure that the egg beating balls are not worn out and prolong the service life.
5. When cleaning the batter on the egg-beating ball, the egg-beating ball should not be hit hard on the egg-beating tank, as this will cause the wire to break and clean it by hand.


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