Eight ways to clean towels

In personal care, towels are indispensable. We all need towels when we take a bath or when we wipe sweat. For the towels bought in the market, don’t think they are clean. Buy back towels. It still needs to be cleaned to get rid of some bacteria. The next little rabbit will talk about how to clean newly bought towels and how to clean used soft bamboo microfiber hooded towel quotation regularly. There are methods to choose from. Everyone should pay attention to hygiene.

How to clean newly bought towels

Add a little salt to the clean water, soak the towel for half an hour, and then throw it in clean water. Personally, I don’t need to knead the newly bought towel so that it will harden quickly. Soak it in water and salt for half an hour to remove the floating color during production and the bacteria that others have come into contact with.

In fact, not only new towels need to be washed, but the customized multicolor hotels and families 100% cotton bath towel we use every day need to be washed regularly. Let’s talk about how to clean the towels.

Towel cleaning method:
Rinse with clean water: every time you run out of towels, scrub with a clean towel, and then put it in the sun to dry.

Laundry detergent cleaning: wash the towel thoroughly every 2-3 days. Pour the detergent into a basin and dissolve it with warm water. Soak the towel for half an hour. Rub your hands to wash the towel. Then rinse with water. Rinse more. On both sides.

Sterilize the boiled towels: boil the towels about once a month, put the multicolor hotels and families 100% cotton bath towel in the pot, pour boiling water, the amount of water should not exceed the towels, pour a little salt, first boil on high heat, then turn to medium heat and continue cooking for 15 minutes. After cooking, let the water cool down, take out the towel, wring out the water, and let it dry in the sun, which can play a role in disinfection and sterilization.

Lemonade cleaning: slice the lemon, put it in a pot and boil it with water, and then wash the towel with boiled lemonade to clear the stubborn stains on the white towel.

White vinegar cleaning: Mix a little white vinegar with water and wash the towel with white vinegar water to remove the sourness from the towel and sterilize it.

Washing with rice water: Keep the water used to wash the rice, soak the towel in the rice water for one hour, the towel will become white and soft.

Salt water cleaning: Two spoons of salt are mixed into the water, and the towels are soaked in agricultural salt water and then washed, which can remove the slippery feeling of the towels and make the towels refreshing and sterilizing.


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