How to choose a good towel

To choose a good towel, you can go through the following three steps:

1. Look at the label
Qualified towel products should have standardized labels, which are mainly composed of 9 aspects, namely product name, executive standard, factory name and location, quality grade, fiber content, specification and model, washing mark, safety category, and certificate.

Such as: safety category, divided into A (infant standard), B (adult standard) and C (non-direct skin contact wholesale all-purpose personalized instant cooling relief cool towel).

Quality grade: excellent product, first-class product, qualified product.

2. Look at the appearance
Good towels have fresh and bright colors, clear patterns, uniform loops, straight seams, and neat appearance.

3. Appreciate quality
1) Water absorption: Towels with good water absorption can be quickly absorbed by water droplets; for towels with poor water absorption, water droplets will form when water droplets go up.

2) Color fastness: Towels with good color fastness are still clear and bright after long time use; towels with poor color fastness are easy to fade and are harmful to the skin.

3) Hand feeling: high-quality towels are soft and flexible. Remember to dry the polyester cool sports towel factory to avoid harm to the skin.

4) Odor: A good towel has no peculiar smell. If there is a candle smell or ammonia smell, it means that the softener is excessive; if there is a sour smell, the PH value may exceed the standard; if there is a pungent smell, it means that a fixing agent containing formaldehyde is used, and free formaldehyde is precipitated.


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