What’s wrong with the towel shed

Towel quilt: With its good air permeability, easy washing, easy storage and other characteristics, it has become a must-have bedding for many people in summer. The general specifications are 150×200cm and 180×220cm, mostly pure cotton products. The craftsmanship includes plain weaving, jacquard, broken files, cut pile and so on. There are also printing and plain colors.

Towels will lose the floating hair after the initial washing customized multicolor hotels and families 100% cotton bath towel, which can be removed by washing 1-2 times, so do not wash with other clothes in the initial washing.

It is unrealistic to wash large towels by hand. It is recommended to use a drum washing machine to wash the silk wool stall end program. Do not use a pulsator washing machine to wash directly.

It is recommended that you look at the degree of shed hair on the towels at home. The floating hair will not fall too seriously. If the shed hair is smashed, it is estimated that you are using a top-opening pulsator washing machine at home.

Nowadays, towels are all pursuing soft hand feeling soft bamboo microfiber hooded towel quotation. The softer the hand feeling, the more hair will be removed by washing with a pulsator. You can buy a laundry bag and put the towel in the laundry bag and wash it again. It will definitely not shed hair.

Nowadays, many people think that the lint of the towel is the problem of towel quilt. They don’t know that it is actually caused by the wear and tear of the washing machine at home. It is estimated that the hole will be broken in a few years after washing like this.

The pulsator washing machine must be placed in the laundry bag to wash the towels and quilts. The drum washing machine is less abraded, and you can wash it directly when you hit the silk wool stall.


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